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We walked the uncertain and unexpected roads. If you and I have anything in common – it’s nothing and everything!

Hey you, my name is Shreya Mehta. I am a Talent Acquisition Partner and a Professional Growth Coach. That’s not what the story is about, it’s about all those experiences that brought me here. All the H1, H4, F1 and EAD - we are in this together.

The US is a dream country: culture, work and exposure. Freedom, self-care and self- dependence. Indians in the USA will agree with it. Though I want to talk about the journey that makes us realize that self-dependence and exposure are needed. The journey that teaches freedom and self-care aren’t the same. The one that taught us that we can be so much more than what we are or were.

When I landed here - things were dreamy - new country, new life and also a new (and only) husband. I wanted to take downtime and stay home, as all through the years I had chased numbers, jobs and promotions. I wanted to stay in, get to know my new person and more than that - explore and envision what I really wanted this new life to look like.

Surprise, surprise!!! NONE OF THAT HAPPENED! Fast forward after 7 years in the US, getting an MBA degree, losing 2 jobs, being on 3 different visa status and working with 5 different companies, I have realized I am and can be so much more than what I believe.

Life brings in all kinds of challenges for us immigrants, but you know what's the best thing about it?! It’s the opportunity to build something all over again and to build upon. How many of our people back in India can say that? We are fighting with our own demons and limitations here, we hold ourselves back and wait for the life we visualize, to happen. I did that for years, waited and nothing happened.

It took me time to take charge of my life, and that’s why I will say this for you all: Don’t confuse speed bumps with dead ends, don’t wait for someone to make decisions for your life. Take that class, prepare for that job, go to that meet-up, smile at that stranger: give yourself the fortuity that life has showered you with. Taking control, making decisions, having opinions will always scare you and probably people around you! What makes all of this better is taking a step towards growth, learning and developing a mindset that YOU ARE NOT DONE YET! You will never be done until you believe so.

I wasn't ready to believe I was done and that made me realize, there might be so many out there, like me who wanted to take that next step and didn't know how. That made me passionate to open up my own Professional Growth Coaching Business. We share and create stories.

If you are ready to surpass, grow and create a bigger life, reach out to me and we will work together to make it more impactful, purposeful and happier. Reach out on my LinkedIn and Instagram and I would be happy to work on your Resume, LinkedIn, Communication, Confidence, Interview preparation and so much more.

I am your Immigrant Buddy : to share and guide!

Shreya Mehta

Professional Growth Coach


I am in HR too & the battles of being a H4 hasn’t helped at all. Your post gives me hope! Thanks for sharing!


Well written, I can totally relate it to my immigrant journey!!


Excellent 👌🏻 Nothing is done & dusted… Everyone needs to pursue their dreams with purpose & resilience & buddies help 👍


Its Ok Yaar
Its Ok Yaar
Nov 07, 2022

Absolutely. We are not done yet.

Great journey. Thank you for writing this post.

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