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About Us

“It's OK Yaar” is a philosophy by which most South Asians live. It’s a nod to our undying spirit and our perseverance that makes us take the leap of leaving our homes and move to a foreign country.

No matter the situation, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and begin again. Talk to any of us about your problems, & we will eventually tell you, “It's OK Yaar”.


It is our way of saying, Don’t Worry, everything will be fine.

How do we aim to tell you that "It's Ok Yaar"?

Through our content. Blogs, Sketches, Shows, Podcasts and more. Sometimes we’ll try to sell some merchandise to you. But we think “ItsOKYaar”.

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What We Do



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South Asian Events

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Mission & Vision


Our mission is to be an entertainment platform for all South Asians outside of their home countries. We understand firsthand, what it is to leave your home and settle in another country. The transition can be tough but we’re here to share that journey with you and if possible, even make you laugh a little at the same time.


Our Vision is to be a platform that offers all South Asian Content creators a platform to showcase their talent and find work through the strong community we’ve built over time.


We'd love to hear from you
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