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Companies offering Returnship Programs in 2022

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

A lot of people leave their traditional jobs due to multiple reasons. They were probably taking care of their kids or recovering from an illness, or they were a dependent in the US who were not able to work simply because they had not received their work permit.

Eventually, they may all decide to get to work and restart their careers.

However, they may need some help or guidance or some basic re-learning of skills before starting their new job.

This is why a lot of employers are coming out with a "Returnship" or "Return to Work" Programs.

In this guide, we explain what's the meaning of returnship, benefits of returnship programs for job seekers and employers and we'll leave you with links to companies that have a strong returnship program.

We've also created a video guide on the same topic. You can check it out below.

Benefits of Returning back to work programs
Returnship and it's benefits

What is a Returnship?

A returnship is very similar to an internship, but it is for adults who have been away from the work force for a while. You can call it a ‘back to work’ program where people can return to their careers without the need to start from the bottom once again.

Returnships usually last for a few weeks to a few months and varies from company to company. During the returnship program, a person is reintroduced to work and is guided through mentorship and training to help them get up to speed with what’s been happening since they’ve been away. It gives the person a chance to improve their skills so they can efficiently do their job once again. Some programs eventually hire a few people for full time jobs after their returnship ends.

The best part, returnships are usually paid.

Benefits of Returnship Programs

These programs were created by companies to help people who really want to get back into the workforce.

If you are looking for a way to restart your career without having to start at an entry or lower level position, a returnship program would be a great option for you.

Some of the benefits of returnship program are:

Catch up with changes

A lot can change within a few months or years in the field that you used to be a part of. A return-to-work program helps you get up to speed with what’s been happening in your domain of work. This may include changes in technology, practices and procedures.

Learn new skills

Technologies are changing at a rapid pace. There is a good probability that the tools and technologies you used to work on may be obsolete or no longer in use now. These programs help you with learning those new skills and provides training to improve your skills for the job market.

Create a support system

A lot of such returnship programs have a huge mentorship component. Your mentor can help you with anything you may have questions about or would like to improve. You also get to know the other employees at the company to widen your support group. By creating a bigger network of people in your field, you have more people to go to for advice. Some of your connections could even help you find a full-time position when your returnship is over.

Discover what you like

After being away from work for a while, you may wonder what kind of career will be best for you in this next stage of your life. Maybe you want to return to your previous career or explore something entirely different. In some cases, the job you once had may not exist anymore or looks quite different.

A returnship is a noncommittal way to try different things without having to accept a full-time job. You may discover that you have talent in an area that you never considered before.

You may even find out that you would prefer to find another returnship program in an entirely different field or industry.

Transition into a full-time role

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of returnship programs that eventually offer you a full-time role. They may have a few people complete the program and then hire those who they think would be a good fit for the company. In this case, use the returnship to both learn and prove that you are ready to get back into the workforce.

Even if the returnship doesn’t convert into a full-time role, the connections you’ve built, the trainings you’ve had and the fresh confidence that you’ll have after it will help you get a job very easily in the market. It goes without saying, but you can always ask your superiors in the program to write you letters of recommendation that may help you score your next job.

Companies offering Returnship Programs in 2022

Below are some of the good Returnship programs:

  • What Field/Industry: Engineering, Project Management, HR & more.

  • Where: Houston, TX; Santa Clara, CA; Bangalore, India & more.

  • What Field/Industry: Engineering, People & Places (Recruiting, Facilities and HR) and Marketing teams.

  • Where: San Francisco, CA

  • What Field/Industry: NGO Services, Administration & Operations, Marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility teams.

  • Where: San Francisco, CA

  • What Field/Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management

  • Where: New York, NY;

  • What Field/Industry: Healthcare, Medicine

  • Where: Los Angeles, CA

  • What Field/Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management

  • Where: U.S., the U.K., India and Switzerland

  • What Field/Industry: Advertising

  • Where: Dearborn, MI

These companies are hiring NOW, so check out their roles and apply today.

· Amazon (Boulder, Nashville, NYC, Santa Monica, Seattle)

· Asana (San Francisco, Vancouver)

· Dell Technologies (Remote US, Various Metro Locations)

· Grubhub (Boston, Chicago, NYC, Remote US)

· Heap (Remote US)

· Northwell Health (New York TriState area)

· Rémy Cointreau (Dallas, NYC)

· SailPoint (Remote US)

· Spectrum (Austin, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, St. Louis)

Other Return to Work Program in 2022


Returnships or Return to Work Programs are a great opportunity for our dependent visa holder community in the US once they have their work permit. It will help them:

  • learn the necessary skills that they need to re-enter the workforce

  • build a good network for themselves

  • Get some experience of the work culture in the US

  • It's paid

  • A very high possibility to convert it into a full-time position

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get back to work.

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