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H4 Visa Interview Questions

So, you’ve married the love of your life and can’t wait to start a life with them. But the love of your life is in the US on an H-1B visa. So, what do you do? You either call them back to India or you move there. After all they are the love of your life. Isn’t it?

But moving to the US means you need a visa. And the visa needed for the spouse of an H1B visa holder is called the H4 visa.

Hi guys, I'm Priya from It’s Ok Yaar and welcome to our latest series, US Visas Simplified.

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In this article, we will share what to expect from a H4 Visa interview, the documents required and the kind of questions you maybe asked at your visa interview.

So, Let’s begin.

H4 Visa Interview Q&A
H4 Visa Interview Q&A

Before we begin, for those who want to know more about H4 Visa and Life on H4 Visa in the US, we’ve created a fully detailed article very recently. I will link it here. You can check it out later.

To get your H4 visa, you’ll first need to fill out a US visa form called DS 160 and get a visa appointment.

Steps after getting your Appointment

While booking your appointment you would have booked 2 appointments. One is called the VAC which is nothing but just an appointment for your biometrics.

This is where they will take your photo that will go on your visa - so dress smart.

And they will also take your fingerprints.

Documents needed for your biometric appointment?

  • Your passport

  • Your Appointment confirmation

  • And your DS 160 confirmation page.

H4 Visa Biometric process

The entire biometrics process is just 15-30 minutes but please reach the location at least 15 minutes before your time slot.

The same goes for your final interview appointment.

Documents needed for H4 Visa Interview

Now let’s discuss the documents that you need to carry for your final H4 Visa interview:

  1. Your Passport

  2. Your Appointment confirmation

  3. DS 160 confirmation page

  4. Proof of Marriage. This may include - Marriage certificate & some photographs

Ideally only the Marriage certificate is enough but a lot of people have gone for the interview without it and showed only their wedding photo and a wedding invitation card as proof.

  1. I797 of the H1B visa holder

  2. A Visa copy of the H-1B Visa holder

  3. Address proof of H1B visa holder in the US if they are already in the US.

  4. H1B visa holder’s employment verification document

  5. Last 3 months pay stubs of the H1B visa holder

  6. 2 photographs. But honestly they aren’t needed.

When in doubt while preparing all of the necessary documentation, always opt for more information rather than less.

Please note that the child of an H1B visa holder is also given a H4 visa only. And for children under 14, you’ll need to carry their birth certificate.

H4 Visa Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Now that we’ve discussed the documents needed for your H4 visa interview. Let’s discuss some of the most common questions & their answers that you may be asked during the interview.

One bonus tip to clear this interview is to answer only what is asked of you. Do not give any extra information than what is needed.

Questions about the H4 Visa

The first section involves questions regarding the visa. The questions may differ from case to case, but the “correct answer” will depend mostly on the individual. Here are the questions that you may come across:

  • What visa are you applying for?

    • My spouse is there

  • Why do you need a USA visa?

    • My spouse is there

Questions about You

These questions will go around you and your current situation. Here is what you may expect the interviewer to ask you:

  • What are your plans for when you are coming to the USA? What do you wish to do?

    • You may answer that you wish to be a homemaker.

  • Are you planning on working in the USA?

    • No. (if you are eligible for H4 EAD, then you can say Yes).

  • Do you have any other family in the USA, aside from your spouse?

    • Answer yes or no, depending on the case – but don’t mention about friends or distant relatives. Only close ones are enough.

  • Where you’re from in India?

    • Answer accordingly

  • Who are you currently staying with?

    • Answer this truthfully.

  • Where will you stay in the US?

    • Here, you may say that you are planning to stay with your spouse who lives in so and so city and state

  • While in the United States, who is responsible for financially supporting you?

    • Most likely, the answer here will also be your spouse.

  • Who is going to pay for your trip as you are going to the United States?

    • Your spouse will pay for the trip.

In most cases, the chances are that your spouse is going to be your answer for everything – but you do have to make sure that you add every other detail that you believe to be relevant.

Questions about Your Marriage

  • When did you get married?

    • Answer correctly.

  • Can you show me some proof of marriage?

    • show them the marriage certificate and a couple of photos.

  • How did you 2 meet?

    • Answer according to the truth.

Questions about Your Spouse

This section involves your spouse – or mostly, how much you know about your spouse. This one will determine exactly just how involved you are with your marriage – and with the person, you are planning to spend the rest of your life with:

  • Where does your spouse work?

  • Give the name of the company

  • What work does he do?

  • Share their designation and a very brief description of their work

  • When did they move to the US?

  • Mention year

  • Can you give me their I797

  • Give it to them

  • Where does he stay in the US

  • Mention City and State

  • When is your spouse’s birthday?

    • Answer accordingly using the day, month and year.

  • In what city and state does the employer of your spouse live or is located?

    • State the city and state where your spouse’s employer is located.

  • How much does your spouse earn every year?

    • State the approximate or exact amount.

  • Can you show us the bank statements and pay stubs of your spouse?

    • Yes – and show them the bank statement.

Congratulations, your Visa is approved.

The visa officer will take your passport and you will get it within a week if you’ve opted for courier services.

Please note that these are a lot of questions and you won’t be asked all of these questions.

But chances are that 100% of the questions will be from this list or a variation of these questions.

H4 Visas are very rarely denied and you should not have any issues in getting your Visa.

I hope this was helpful.

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