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Forgotten Gem of Ancient Indian Wisdom : Panchamrit

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We have known Panchamrit during Festivals and Puja. As a kid, I always used to wait for the aarti to finish and get my hands on this nectar to taste and relish.

But what is it? It's a mix of real nature made Ingredients in right ratios creating a powerful Synergy of nutrients.

Forgotten Gem of ancient Indian wisdom - Panchamrit
Forgotten Gem of ancient Indian wisdom - Panchamrit

In the Indian classic language of Sanskrit, “panch” means five and “amrit” means nectar. Panchamrit (also called panchamrut) is a drink or paste made with 5 everyday ingredients:

  1. milk

  2. yogurt

  3. raw sugar

  4. honey and

  5. ghee

So where am I going with this you might wonder!?

Carefully read the ingredients…it's doomed to be unhealthy by modern western principles and to which many of us (desi people) have started to blindly follow making ourselves more prone to DIS-EASE!

Like you I also started believing in the following myths:

Milk (dairy) is not good for us! It brings hormonal imbalances.

Sugar is evil! Honey is pure sugar - good for nothing!

Let’s switch to low fat Dahi…get protein and forget about fats!

Ghee is saturated increases cholesterol!

BUT…there's a reason why these ingredients when mixed become “AMRIT” - food for longevity!

If you’re a Desi in the US, who has fallen for these myths and is looking for guidance to start gaining health- the desi way - you are not alone!

Before I move forward let me introduce myself.

I am Neha Shah, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (also known as Coach N), helping Desi families to gain health and lose weight as a by-product by bringing back the Traditional Indian Wisdom and creating a sustainable impact.

To read more about Neha Shah and Traditional Indian Wisdom to gain health, follow @balancechaos.

Today I am sharing the 4 benefits of the forgotten gem of ancient India - Panchamrit.


A powerful Synergy of five ingredients, milk, honey, curd, sugar and ghee -

It is called the Drink of Gods.


1. Prenatal and Pregnancy Benefits

All 5 ingredients in Panchamrit work to support the health and well being of Pregnant Women as well as the development of the fetus. Raw milk provides Vitamin A,D,K which ramp up the chemical reactions inside the body to support the growth. It also in fact helps produce necessary hormones like progesterone and estrogen creating a balance between the two. Interesting isn't it?

YES you can have it throughout the 9 months of pregnancy!

2. Energy and Strength Benefits

Many of us are tired and feel lethargic all the time! Raw and unadulterated sugar provides glucose (body’s preferred source of energy) and vital micronutrients like MINERALS (look beyond calories people!) that doesn’t rush through your system with the same speed as refined sugar present in packaged items. Ghee and milk in panchamrit help you build strong bones from within, boosting your physical health.

3. Brain function & Immunity Benefits

Consider ghee grease for your gray cells! The ghee in panchamrit is said to vitalise the brain, enhance memory and grasping power, and even one’s creative and artistic abilities.

Panchamrit has yogurt, ghee and honey, all of which are known to boost immunity. Yogurt is a probiotic that helps keep your gut healthy and research shows that people who consume probiotics on a daily basis have a lower chance of contracting colds and flu compared to those who don’t. Unadulterated Honey is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and is a well-known immunity booster.

4. Glowing Skin Benefits

Panchamrit is a natural sunscreen which protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Raw sugar works as a natural humectant (hydrating agent). And the ghee helps nourish the skin and helps keep it firm and supple. Honey contains natural antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. What's not to love!?

If you’d like to learn how to best utilize Traditional Indian Wisdom and reclaim your health (because enough already!) - Click here

Areee…Neha, Yeh toh batao…How to Prepare Panchamrit?

Haha…sure kyun nahi…here it is:

Panchamrit Recipe
Panchamrit Recipe

Tell me in the comments if this guide was helpful and which food fear are you ready to let it go?

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