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#FOMO and beyond

In this digital era we all are running a race which often leads to existential crisis. One such example is how the gram calls it #FOMO, or "fear of missing out,". It is a real phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common and can cause significant stress in your life.

It can affect just about anyone, but some people are at greater risk. Very few people talk about it deeply and what happens around and beyond #FOMO. When you immigrate to a different country for any reason, I don't know why but this term often takes a toll on a greater scale. As I see it, this terms creeps in slowly in our life unknowingly (most of the time) in two different ways-

1. Social Dilemma #FOMO -

Most of us are preoccupied with the thought that someone, somewhere, is having a better time or leading a more exciting life. This is a very common use case for the immigrants and I am sure many of us relate to it. We often feel very low seeing friends getting married, partying hard. The group or the gathering which we were also a part of back in India.

This constantly creates a level of dissatisfaction and unrest. In a way we can say it creates a noise in the peace of mind. We are not feeling so hot about things. We keep wondering if everyone else is having more fun than us? How do we scratch the itch? Check Facebook, of course!!

In fact, #FOMO leads people to check social media right after they wake up, before they go to bed and during meals and what not. So we are already not feeling so great — whether you realize it or not — and we turn to social media to make us feel better not realizing that it actually makes you feel worse.

Life on social media is not the parameter of happiness one is having. Things are not rosy as they are shown in stories and feeds. And this vicious social media cycle slowly takes a toll on our happiness and we forget to live in the moment in the constant "Fear of missing Out" (the word itself).

2. Creating #FOMO -

We spoke about the term #FOMO, peace and reel life, but who can we blame it for? Think..........zzzz! I will tell you, it`s us only! Yes, without even realizing it we ourselves are the creators and consumers of the term #FOMO.

Confused?????????Let me give you an example- a. As an immigrant we come to a different country with ambitions and dreams, but somewhere we are forgetting our roots. We want to show (rather show off) to the world that ours is the best life, we are having a gala time etc. etc. (although sometimes we are actually struggling).

We tend to post back to back shinny posts, stories and all colorful feed. In this process we sure are gaining followers but are losing real friends and connections- "All that glitters is not Gold". In the constant pressure of showing off in order to prove ourselves and at the same time fighting for peace, most of us get lost and get ourselves tricked with #FOMO. Here we are the creators and we are consumers too.

I am not saying that be anti-social or do not post all I am trying to make a point here is do not force yourself to things, you do not have to prove constantly to anyone. Everything is not very great as it appears to be, people only show the pros, but its high time we also talk about the cons and make people aware about it. b. Peer Pressure - This is something very specific but important to talk about. Do what is right for you, judge yourself with your actions. Not because anyone else is doing something (which might be good for them at that situation) you have to do the same. We all have different struggles so our actions for a situation can be different.

Just because someone just bought a luxury car, or a latest iPhone doesn't mean you have to. If you can sure but not just to show off. There are some of us driven by this constant peer pressure creating a disturbance of our self peace. This is also a form of #FOMO.This has also nothing to do with ambitions, let me correct again; being ambitious is great but not under peer pressure. This way we make our life easier and less complicated.


1. Relish The moment #JOMO -

Enjoy the moment, live in the present and relish what you have. (of course by not consciously creating #FOMO for others).Admit that you are missing out and there’s nothing you can do about it. Blogger and entrepreneur Anil Dash wrote about the "JOY OF MISSING OUT" which is basically, satisfaction in joy of simple things.

2. Take a digital Detox -

This one is tough, but works for many people. Taking a break from social media is as important as taking a break from work. When you take a digital detox you give your mind and heart the sole power to govern your actions. Though its not a permanent solution but should help you as you go.

3. Work on Hobbies -

All of us must develop a real hobby (social media scrolling is not a hobby we want here!!) which helps us to take time off and spend the time with ourselves. This can be as simple as Cooking, Gardening, Dancing etc. When we have a real hobby we make time for it and it works as magic for rejuvenation in the type casted world we live in.

4. Make Real Connections -

In this era of followers, try to keep your real friends close and make real connections with people. Discuss your issues, goals and ambitions. Communications are always good and it is even better if you have a group to speak your heart out.

5. Be grateful -

A lift in mood may be just what you need to relieve yourself of feeling depressed or anxious. You likely will not feel as tempted to go down the rabbit hole of social networking and FOMO when you realize how much you already have. You will begin to feel that you have what you need in life and so do other people. This can be wonderful for your mental and emotional health.

6. Its OK YAAR!! -

Just tell yourself these lines whenever you come across a social bait like below-

Post describing #FOMO

Before you spend your time trying to figure out what is this?

Am I missing out on something which others are grabbing? Just ask yourself -"Is it important?", Its OK Yaar to miss out on somethings because at the end of the day its not important!

Jitna bhi try karo, life mein kuch na kuch toh Chhotega hi
A still from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

So Filmy but so True..!! Think and Adapt.

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